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Music Mill Entertainment
is proud to re-issue all
three Glass Harp volumes
as a tribute to this
pioneering band.
Glass Harp
It Makes Me Glad

Digitally re-mastered
with a previously unreleased
bonus track on each CD

Check out CD previews below,
cover art drafts, liner notes & lyrics

Glass Harp Performs 'Can You See Me' at Kent Stage
(with Chris Queen-keyboards, Paul Christensen-wind synth, Mike Pachelli-guitar).
May 7, 2016
Thank's Tim Wilson

Contact: pecchioad@gmail.com

for info on your order.

Stark Raving Jams CD cover Live! At Carnegie Hall CD cover
Beach Landballroom CD cover
Hour Glass

Beach Landballroom CD cover

Download Glass Harp @ iTunes

We're proud to finally make available one of Glass Harp's
most talked about concerts in years.

This show was recorded at Cleveland's Beachland Ballroom
on November 1, 2008, where Glass Harp headlined a benefit
concert for Roots of American Music an organization
dedicated to the preservation, performance and
education about traditional American music in our schools.

This CD finally captures the raw, improvisational energy and
spur-of the-moment creativity that has defined Glass Harp
for decades, but until now has been heard only in a live
setting and in the memories of the people who saw it.

Here, classic songs take on entirely new guises, free jams
spur flurries of ideas, and around every corner awaits a new
surprise for even the closest follower of Glass Harp's
concerts and recorded output.

If there were ever a collection of Glass Harp music that one
might compile for friends, new listeners, or fans of inspired musicianship in general, look no further than this CD.
As Daniel Pecchio points out: "This...is finally *us*"

The Rock Hall Blog
Jim Henke's blog about Glass Harp & the Beachland Ballroom CD


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Glass Harp Live at the Beachland BallroomGH's recent release available
at the Order CD's page
Strings Attached CD Cover

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