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Early history

This three-CD set is a collection of live jams and rarely performed
material. Much of what you hear in this collection first appeared on Glass
Harp’s web site for the enjoyment of loyal fans who couldn’t attend the
bands rare concerts. These musical nuggets were culled from any and all
available sources including board tapes, audience recordings and live
studio tapes. No, the sounds you hear don’t have the pristine quality of a
heavily produced studio album. Think of this collection more as a picture
taken in a photo booth stuffed with you and several friends; a snapshot of
the excitement and magic of a moment.
Glass Harp’s reputation for fearless, high-wire improvisations on stage has
been the stuff of legend to the longtime fans, and embraced by a new generation.
Phil Keaggy, John Sferra and Daniel Pecchio keep Glass Harp true
to the legendary "sorties into the unknown".

Latest release "Stark Raving Jams"- $30.00
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Latest release Stark Raving Jams.
Includes priority shipping.

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